• “Little Sprouts Social Work Plan” —provides students and parents with diverse counseling and support services, and regularly organizes child care group activities and parent talks.
  • Pre-school Rehabilitation Services at School“Hong Chi Association Kuang Ching Project” —provides appropriate services and referrals for children in need.
  • 2019-2020 “Supporting Non-Chinese Speaking Students Aided Schools Program”—provides appropriate support to non-Chinese speaking students to help them learn Chinese and build a multicultural and inclusive environment
  • K1 Freshmen’s Adaptation Week allows parents to accompany their children and our arrangement for progressive class time
  • K3 to primary education transitional activities: we hold primary one adaptation seminar and simulation class, primary school life experience, in order to let K3 children experience and adapt to primary school life as soon as possible.
  • At school, we have invited different community stakeholders to provide lectures to our children, such as “road safety” and “fire safety”. We want to strengthen our children’s cognition in different aspects of their lives.
Student Support