1 John 4:19 “We love because he first loved us.”

What the Bible says is true. We didn’t know how to love, but because God first loved us, we can then love children with the love of God. Therefore, I strongly believe that love can change everything. In view of this, I take God-given love into the kindergarten to disciple both our children and parents.

With a loving heart, we nurture the children who will surely grow in such atmosphere of love. Seeing the children in faith, they will unleash their God-given special potentials! Indeed I want to help every parent to see our children with such sight. When children are surrounded by such love at home and in school, they will never be defeated by failure.

I remember the Senior Pastor, Joshua Cheung, of our School Sponsoring Body – 611 Bread of Life Christian Church once said, “love never fails.” That is deeply engraved in my mind. With this mission, I am leading my team of the kindergarten, helping each family to build up this loving atmosphere. We sincerely hope that the seed of love will sprout and grow in each family member of our children. The family relationship will become more intimate with ongoing stronger cohesion. Our children will then grow up firmly and sturdily, becoming the influential generation.


TSE Suk yin