Let’s take a look at our children’s agenda. Their learning mode is based on the Bible, picture books, life experience, their interests and games.

【Morning devotion】Connecting God’s Word to Life: Teachers connect the Bible with life stories, letting our children learn and practise the truth of loving God and others in the Bible.

【Music time】Music art blends with games: playable music that allows our children to learn sound sense, tempo and emotional expression in games.

【Physical activity】Skills and value education go hand in hand: In addition to develop children’s size muscles through physical activity, teachers also hope to develop children’s ‘value education’ when designing activities, such as cooperation, self-confidence, creativity, adversity spirit.

【refreshments】Thanksgiving and intercession: At the refreshment moment, we share each other’s life, and we are grateful for blessings, small and big; and we also pray for each other’s difficulties in our life.

【Theme Learning】Listening, thinking, asking, speaking in the theme: In the theme, teachers attach importance to children not only listening, but more importantly, their thoughts and their problems. Provide them with the platform, the more they ask, the more they “will think”. And gradually, the more they know how to ask.

【Optional activity】Making choices is not only a part of time management and self-care, but also a time when children make learning more interesting.

【Summary】Let’s sit down and sum up our experience today, as well as thanking God with prayers as the closing of the day before leaving the school.