Focusing on the aim of happy learning – through the curious and questionable attitude of children, through the stimulation of physical activities, environment, context and various games, we cultivate our children’s active learning spirit by designing a comprehensive, balanced and appropriate curriculum to educate them to have the following traits:

  • Having faith in God allows our children to appreciate nature and the things around them from their heart. Experiencing the wonderful creation of God and our nurture teach them to fear and love God.
  • Teach our children to be obedient and willing to be educated; nurture children to respect elders, treat others with humility and courtesy, to be honest and gentle, and to have good character.
  • Build up children’s life and gifts, letting our children know their own traits, understand their needs and feelings, and express themselves.
  • Cultivate our children to have a good interpersonal relationship, learn empathy, discern right from wrong, learn to respect and accept others, so as to achieve harmony with peers, communicate and cooperate with each other, love learning, and practise the love from God.
  • Our children are expected to learn how to be grateful, cherish and protect what they have around them; to see the needs of others from self-satisfaction, thus taking the initiative to care for, be considerate of others, and be willing to help others.
  • Children are able to communicate with others in biliterate and trilingual, and learn life etiquette.