Based on the truth in the Bible, we expand it to the children’s familiar topics as our structure for research. According to the learning construction theory, we encourage our children to be the knowledge constructors by organizing their life experiences which are affected by the individual and societal influences, during their cognitive development process.

Curriculum Features

From the ‘core’ of the Bible, three parts ‘Theme Learning’, ‘Character Education’ and ‘Thinking and Action’ are derived. We incorporate languages, Mathematics, individuals and groups, science and technology, physical fitness and health, and art into the six learning areas in our curriculum. Taking stories, artistic creation, song and dance, scientific experiments and physical games as teaching strategies, children can obtain balanced courses and overall development.

In addition, through outdoor teaching, early childhood connection, church (community) resources, biliteracy and trilingualism, and parenting education, we want to expand children’s further exploration of co-prosperity education on the earth which can help educate their parents as well. It is an inseparable part of education.