In a loving group, new parents learn to raise their children

Ethan’s parents shared: “We are new parents. The principal and teachers noticed our nervousness and they not only helped our children learn, but also helped us grow as parents. They encouraged us that each child is unique and there is no need to compare. We only need to follow Ethan’s nature and needs and always be by his side. Thank you to the principal, teachers, and parents for helping us grow…”











Become a sapling with life and character

Kayden’s parents shared: “Kayden is a transfer student. The teachers helped Kayden adapt to the new environment quickly. Thank you to the principal for remembering the needs of each child. Kayden can grow up happily. Thanks to all the parents for their companionship and help, which allowed us to quickly adapt into this big family from a strange environment. Now Kayden has become a caring and considerate little boy. The children are also encouraging and reminding each other to grow together…”












The support of love under the tree of life

Parents often experience a lot of difficulties when raising their children. We are grateful that with the help of 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten and 611 Bread of Life Church, parents in need can receive love and support, and can overcome the difficulties in raising children. Let’s build children’s lives together under the tree of life! Parents would regain hope and joy, and families would regain beautiful relationships.
Parents of K3 graduate Atticus shared: Although my child has serious emotional problems when he is less than two years old, the principal and teachers never thought that he was a troublesome student. They respected his uniqueness and praised him as a very smart student. They encouraged me to appreciate his strengths. Now Atticus goes to school happily, and learns to get along with others and learns to explore.

Yee Nok has been clingy and introverted since young. During his first few days at the Tree of Life Kindergarten, he had to stick to me the whole time. After he started attending school by himself, I was surprised to see how quickly he could adapt to kindergarten life. He shares with me what happens every day and sings worship songs to me. He also told me that the Principal would hug every child every single day and that God loves him. I found that Yee Nok has become braver. During a game at the birthday party in school, another parent told me that Yee Nok was the only child who stood out to protect the egg. His bravery impacted the other children and they too, came forward to protect the eggs. I am so touched to hear this. Praise the Lord!

Yee Nok’s Mom

We are grateful that the teachers at Tree of Life love the children so much. Elkan is lively and energetic. He had a hard time following rules in K1 but the teacher would always guide him patiently and encourage him. Elkan is now in K3. Not only can he follow the rules, he would also actively help his teachers and classmates.

Elkan learned to draw close to God at the Tree of Life Kindergarten. He once told me he was able to concentrate and sit still throughout the lesson because he prayed to God the night before and God really helped him! From then on, he prays every night that he could focus in class. His life has been transformed and His relationship with God has become closer.

Elkan’s Parents

When Hosanna was in K1, she was very self-centered and couldn’t listen to instructions and I often had to seek help from the Principal. Thankfully, with the Principal’s advice and guidance and the teachers’ love and nurturing, Hosanna improved significantly in K2. She is now a much better listener, loves to learn and has good self-caring abilities. I also see that Hosanna loves and respects her teachers and am grateful that she can grow in 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten.

Hosanna’s Mom

As a new mom, when I found out that my child is different from others, I was so anxious and nervous, almost to the point of breakdown! Yet at the same time, I am glad that my child is attending the 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten.

Tree of Life is not like any other kindergarten. It is like the Garden of Eden surrounded by love. The school respects the individuality of each child. They emphasize physical and mental health development and character building. With the Principal’s assistance, guidance of teachers and great parent-teacher communication, I saw the change in my child within one school term. An autistic child with social disabilities has shown improvement in his language skills and interaction with his classmates! He used to scream whenever he has a meltdown but now I see him coming home with a smiley face every day.

Watching him grow and learn in an atmosphere full of love, I’m no longer anxious. I am hopeful for the future and I would wait patiently for this flower to bloom!

Wan Ki’s Mom

I remember when Sheena first went to Tree of Life, she was still a shy little girl. As she transferred to Tree of Life in K2, I was worried if she could adapt to the new school and get along with the new teachers and classmates. It surprised me that on the first day, some classmates warmly called her name, held her hand and brought her to the classroom. Now, Sheena has become friends with everyone and is active and enthusiastic, inviting her friends over and talks about them a lot. The teacher also told me that she is very attentive in class and often raises her hand to answer questions.

Sheena’s little brother, Isaac also goes to Tree of Life now. Under his sister’s guidance, Isaac quickly adapts to kindergarten life. They go to school together joyfully, hand in hand. I really appreciate the Principal and the teachers at Tree of Life. They always encourage children with a positive attitude, praising their wonderful attributes, help build up their confidence and learn self-appreciation. Every day, I see the teachers lovingly teach and interact with the children, their faces beaming with smiles.

As Tree of Life is a Christian school, it focuses on cultivating the right values from an early age, which is also the focus of our family. All teachers worship and pray with the children. At the schools’ birthday party, parents are invited to embrace their child and pray over them such that they know our Heavenly Father loves them. It is a simple yet touching action. Once I was sick, Sheena prayed to God for my recovery. It is so good to see little children casting their cares upon God.

Thanks to 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten, my children are learning happily, growing confidently, loving God and others, and becoming children who please God.

Sheena and Lsaac’s Mom

Thank God for all of you!

On 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten’s Open Day, my husband and I were just passing by the Kindergarten and we went in. The teachers were all very friendly. One of them held Sum Wing’s hand and brought her to the classroom for some games. The decoration in the classrooms and along the corridor was very warm, with pictures of smiling children everywhere and we felt immersed in the joyful atmosphere at school. Hence, we chose Tree of Life as the starting point of Sum Wing’s life.

Since Sum Wing started K1, she has been singing songs she learned at school. She impersonates her teachers and does her homework happily. She also responds very politely to her family. She would even help and do simple housework, such as mopping the floor, hanging laundry and she does it with joy. Every day, she goes to school with anticipation and comes home happily. We are amazed to see her transform from being timid to becoming lively and cheerful, under the loving care of the teachers.

I remember that the Principal said that the children of 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten are like small trees with very strong vitality. Under the care and cultivation of the teachers, they would thrive and become big trees. The school applies this concept in their teaching. They respect each child’s uniqueness. Besides knowledge, children also learn to appreciate themselves and others, praise themselves and others.

What impresses me the most is the school’s birthday party. The birthday party is not only a happy day for children but also a special day for parents and children to get to know each other. On this day, parents are invited to school to celebrate together. Children learn that they came to the world because their mothers have overcome all difficulties and they shall be thankful for their parents. The school educates children through various activities like these, with representations of real-life scenarios to foster good character.

Thank you to all teachers at 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten. With you, I trust my child is in good hands and appreciate all you have done.

Sum Wing’s Mom

Looking at the teachers’ comments in the past three years, Joyce is a cheerful, friendly, dedicated, active and courageous child in the eyes of the teachers. This little sprout thrived happily under the love and cultivation of the teachers at 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten.

Whenever I share Joyce’s problems with the Principal and teachers, they always respond with positive words and see the children with an attitude of appreciation and encouragement. Every day when Joyce goes to school, she would hug the Principal and teachers and her uniform would be full of stickers when she comes home from school.

Ai first, my husband and I chose Tree of Life because the school uses biblical truth as the foundation in designing the curriculum. Therefore, Joyce learned a lot during morning devotion every day. She also sings a lot of worship songs. Yet unexpectedly, in terms of academics, she loves to write, learns to speak fluent Putonghua and often tests her parents with math questions. I am grateful that Joyce is learning happily.

In the next month, Joyce will graduate from kindergarten and enter primary school. On the day the Primary One Central Allocation result was released, both the Principal and class teacher called and prayed for us. We were disappointed with the result at first. But recently when I was preparing Joyce’s portfolio for school interviews, I found that my daughter has so much more talent and potential than I thought. The Principal and teachers are right. Joyce can do it! I believe she can adapt and study happily in any school.

We are so proud that little Joyce is a graduate of 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten. We believe that when our little sprout is planted in a kindergarten with good soil, her root would stabilize in the love and truth of our Heavenly Father and she would thrive during storms and rain, growing into a fruitful Tree of Life.

Joyce’s parents, Ireas & Joshua

I am thankful that my daughter, Jessica attends 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten. Although she only went to school for a few months because of the pandemic this year, she gained knowledge and her character has also developed. She used to be very shy in front of people and she wouldn’t say hello. Now, she is more comfortable being around teachers and other children. Jessica loves her school life. When she comes home, she always shares what she sees and learns. She enjoys her time with teachers and classmates at school. Jessica even shares her food and supplies with others happily because she knows that our Heavenly Father would provide what she needs.

The reason why we chose 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten for our child is because it is different from other kindergartens. We hope that our child could learn more than just knowledge. We hope that she would learn in a place filled with the word and love of God, such that she would understand the Biblical truth and build a gentle, humble, and grateful character, as we believe these are more important than knowledge. Hence, 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten is the right place for we trust the teachers here, believing that our daughter would develop a Godly character, being nurtured with the love she receives.

Jessica has learned that when something cannot be resolved, she can pray to Jesus. She would pray and give thanks to God before bed every night. When she’s not feeling well, she would pray to Jesus. She would also recite bible verses, say grace, and praise God. Jessica is really obedient and gets up early to attend morning devotion with her mom. I am thankful that Jessica has a close relationship with God at a young age. Praise the Lord.

Jessica’s Dad

We are grateful that both our sons attend 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten and they have both changed significantly.

Titus (K3) had his own mind and he doesn’t listen to us. But after he went to school for a few months, I found that his heart has softened. At first, he was shy but with the teachers’ love and care, he became more free and confident, expressing himself much more. I’m happy to see him living more freely and magnifying the beauty and creativity that God has designed in him.

Jireh (K1) also has his own mind, and is highly opinionated. His stubbornness began to change with the guidance and acceptance of the Principal and teachers. He is more willing to listen to others now.

I really appreciate the morning devotion and worship at Tree of Life. Children are nurtured every day. When their daddy reads the bible with them every night, Titus responds with what he heard in morning devotion that day. He even applied it in his daily life. It’s so precious that children are immersed in the word of God. 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten is a school where God is present and is full of love. Growing up in a loving environment, the lives of children are ever so bright and brilliant!

Titus and Jireh’s Mom, Elishua

I am grateful that Tze Chun attends 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten. He used to get nervous and anxious easily. He would cry when his parents are not around. He cried so hard on the first few days of K1. But the teachers took good care of him and helped him and hence, he stopped crying and began to enjoy going to school. He looks forward to school every day and he goes there with a smile.

His little sister was not yet born when he was in K1 and he is a quiet child who doesn’t talk much or tells me about school. As he grew, he now comes home and talks about what happens at school and his conversations with his teachers and classmates.

Also, I noticed that Tze Chun could write with both his left and right hand in K1. Thanks to the teacher’s help and careful observation, we deduced that he is left-handed.

I really appreciate the moral education and teaching they do at 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten. They always teach children to love one another. When Tze Chun was in K2, his little sister was born. He got jealous and he would be mean when we took care of his sister. When the teachers knew about it, they explained to Tze Chun that his parents still love him. They also taught him how to be a good big brother. The Principal and teachers care about Tze Chun’s character and also how he is at home. He now likes his little sister. I am thankful for him and 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten. As he is graduating, I would like to thank the Principal and all the teachers.

Tsz Chun’s parents

We are thankful that our daughter attends 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten. This is a loving and joyful school.

I was most impressed that after Sze Yu went to K1 for half a year, various friends told me that she has become more confident and cheerful.

Thanks to all the teachers’ teaching and to God who has given Sze Yu the opportunity to learn and grow in this school.

Sze Yu’s parents

I am very grateful that my eldest son, Sanemare goes to 611 Tree of Life Kindergarten.

I remember he adapted to his new K1 school life very quickly. He always hummed the new songs he learned at school when he came home. What impressed me the most was that when Grandma was sick, Sanemare prayed for her without hesitation. He had become a faithful child of God at a young age.

In September this year, our younger son, Hiroki will attend this school, entering this loving Tree of Life.

Sanemare’s parents