Principal Tse

《Perspective that appreciates》
I am Principal Tse. I love dogs dearly and I like hugging and kissing them. I also like running outdoors and seeing the blue sky and white clouds. To look at the beautiful creations by Heavenly Father with gratitude. As a principal, I greatly appreciate every child and every co-worker because I see every single one of them as unique and their lives shining with love and talents.

Miss Lai

<Stems from Love>
I am Miss Lai, I like to get along with children, and I love their pure hearts. A smile, a hug, every moment we spend time together is precious. Love influences us. When we love those around us with our hearts, this “love” can influence every child, and they will respond with “love”, I pray every child becomes a person full of love.

Miss Chung

《Everything stems from love》
I am Miss Chung. I like to dance, to cook and enjoy every moment where I get to spend time with children. Laughing joyfully with them, crying with them, chatting with them and praying with them… Such a beautiful thing to do together. I’m very thankful to the Lord for His great love to me, allowing myself to love each and every one of these children, and testifying their growth and improvements. My hope is that these children will be a blessing to other people’s lives, spreading positivity everywhere they go.

Miss Cheung (Wing Wing)

《Childlike innocence》
I am Miss Cheung. I like to draw, play the piano, sing, and the cheerful faces of children. I am tremendously touched with I see the pure and lovely faces of the children. I believe that every child is the beloved of the Heavenly Father and I am willing to pour my heart and love to accompany them to grow and thrive in the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father and to empower them to explore their full potential!

Miss Kung 

《The Treasures of Father God》
I love to laugh and play like a child – because we are all treasures of our Father God. I like small animals, storytelling, and drawing. I am a cheerful person, and I love to see the smiling faces of the children! I hope to bring love, joy and warmth to every child, and that every children in our kindergarten with grow up cheerfully into a healthy tree of life, that blesses the society and influence the world!

Mr Fung 

《A Children’s World》

Hello everyone, my name is Mr. Fung. I like reading picture books, and I also love music. I love being with children and enjoy running, singing and dancing with them!Children’s fun and endless creativity and vitality,
Each of them shine in the love of the Father.
I also want be part of the wonderful little world of children,
Experience this great world with them.

Miss Sui

《Children’s Eyes, Father’s World》
I am Miss Sui. I enjoy hiking, watching the sunset, water sports, and admiring the nature that Heavenly Father created. I love being with children, and holding them in my arms. I enjoy seeing the big world from their perspective and feel what love is like. I am so grateful to be able to accompany my children growing up in kindergarten. I hope every child will keep a kind heart and pure love.

Miss Cheng

《Growing in Love》
I am Miss Cheng. I like singing, playing the piano, being close to nature, and getting along with children. Children have a pure heart. They are cheerful and energetic. Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me so much love that I can love everyone and every child around me. I hope that children can grow up happily in an atmosphere of love.



Miss Hallie (English Teacher)

《We all sing》
Hi! I am Miss Hallie. I like singing, watching musicals and concerts. I love music as much as I love being a teacher. Although teaching is sometimes exhausting but it’s also rejuvenating. I especially love teaching little children to sing and reading story books to them every day. It amazes me how children enjoy hearing the same story over and over again. Being able to do things that we both enjoy is such a pleasure. It is such a blessing to be a part of the Tree of Life Kindergarten and grow with the kids.

Miss Cheung (Jenny)

《Make use of talents》
Hello everyone! I am Miss Cheung from N Class. I like the nature and animals created by Heavenly Father. I like reading, cooking, music, eating, and doing art crafts. I enjoy the time I spend with my children and like to observe, explore, worship, cook, and play games with them. I hope that children can develop their nature, being and talents through various activities and games.



《Witnessing God’s work》
Hi everyone! My name is Denise. I am in charge of the administration in the kindergarten. Apart from dealing with the daily administrative tasks, I like gardening and fine arts. I enjoy working in a place full of children, and playing a part in their development. Also, during open day and various events held by the school, I am able to contribute my talent and play a part in decorations, making movies and so on. It thrills me to see the development of each child, and desire to see that they will all experience God in this place.

Ka Tsz

《Our Father God loves us》
I am Ka Tze, I mainly help with the administrative affairs of the kindergarten. I love how pure the children are and love interacting with them. I am thankful to be part of the team here, and grow up with the children to create beautiful memories together. I hope every child here can get to know our heavenly Father who loves us.