Arrangements for the resumption of face-to-face classes after the school’s Easter holiday

Dear Parents:

Peace in the Lord!

The Education Bureau sent a letter to all kindergartens/Child care centres in Hong Kong on 11 April 2022 regarding the resumption of face-to-face classes after the Easter Holiday.

All schools in Hong Kong will resume classes after the Easter holiday according to the original plan, and resume half-day face-to-face teaching in accordance with the latest development trend of the epidemic. Kindergarten students are young and generally need more time to adapt after the long holiday. For kindergarten life, in order to ensure that the school can fully take care of students, face-to-face classes will be resumed in stages.

The kindergarten will arrange for children to gradually resume face-to-face classes, and will notify parents through e-class as soon as possible, thank you!

611 Tree of Life Kindergarten

12 April 2022