2021/22 Arrangements for special holidays for the school year

Dear parent,

The Chief Executive has announced that the government will adjust the school’s summer vacation arrangements for this school year, moving the vacations originally scheduled in July and August to March and April, hoping to allow all sectors of society to concentrate their energy and resources to achieve a dynamic clearing. After the epidemic has eased, students can return to a healthy campus with peace of mind and continue face-to-face classes. Therefore, the kindergarten currently has the following arrangements:
The school’s original summer vacation in July and August will be adjusted, and the original summer vacation (hereinafter referred to as the special vacation) will be taken during March and April 2022. The special holiday will start from March 7, 2022, connecting with the Easter holiday, and until the end of the original Easter holiday of the kindergarten (i.e. until April 19, 2022).
Staff and students should not return to school during some of the special holidays and during the period of universal testing.
If parents have any enquiries, please email to the kindergarten: info@611tol.edu.hk and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you parents for your cooperation!
Wish you peace in the Lord!